The Global Haven Industry: Research by Topic

This repository of work by James S. Henry contains decades worth of research on all aspects of the "Global Haven Industry." Explore his work by topic below. Find an overview of selected publications,  interviews and appearances here.


Big Bills / the Underground Economy

"Come on in, the Party’s Nearly Over" in The American Interest, February 17, 2016

"Big Bills" in The American Interest, June 17, 2014

"How to Make the Mob More Miserable" in The Washington Monthly, June 1980

"Calling in the Big Bills" in The Washington Monthly, May 1976


Odious Finance / Debt and Privatization

The Blood Bankers: Tales: Tales from the Global Underground Economy (Four Walls Eight Windows, 2003)

Banqueros y lavadólares (TM Editores, 1996)


Pirate Banking

"The Debt Hoax” in The New Republic. April 1986 Cover Story


Offshore Havens

"The World’s Largest Tax Haven? Guess Who" in The American Interest, June 2018

"Taxing Tax Havens" in Foreign Affairs. April 12, 2016

"Let’s Tax Anonymous Wealth!" in (eds. Pogge and Mehta) Global Tax Fairness (Oxford, 2016)

"Postcard from Barbados--a.k.a 'Cyprus West'" in Forbes. Dec.18, 2013 | PDF

"The Price of Offshore Revisited" (Tax Justice Network, 2012)

"America the Tax Haven" in The Washington Post,  Jan 1989


BBC Newshour interview about the Paradise Papers, November 8, 2017

TRNN interview about the Paradise Papers, November 7, 2017

"The Price we Pay" Documentary (2015). | Learn more here.

Work profiled in:

Fatima Syed, "Canada’s financial system is less transparent than Russia’s, report says" in The Toronto Star. Feb 2, 2018

Heather Stewart, "Offshore finance: more than $12tn siphoned out of emerging countries" in The Guardian. May 8, 2016

David Cay Johnston, "How the Kleptocrats’ $12 Trillion Heist Helps Keep Most of the World Impoverished" in The Daily Beast. May 3, 2016


Corporate Crime and MNC Tax Dodging

"The Apple Tax Giveaway" in The American Interest, January 26, 2018

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Take Your Places" in The American Interest, December 21, 2017

"Sideswiping the White-Collar Crime Wave" in The American Interest, November 20, 2017

"The Economics of the Global 'Bankster' Crime Wave" in The American Interest, October 25, 2017

"No Wray" in The American Interest, July 28, 2017


WBAI interview about the Apple Tax Scam, February 1, 2018

NPR Interview with Ian Masters about the Apple Tax Scam, January 31, 2018

"The Paradise Papers" Documentary by ABC Australia on MNC tax dodging, November 7, 2017

Democracy Now interview on Credit Suisse tax evasion guilty plea, May 20, 2014

"We're Not Broke" Documentary (2012)


Transnational Organized Crime / Trumputin

"The Oligarch Files" in The Daily Mail, March 11, 2017.

"Trump’s Choice for Commerce Secretary Holds a Top Post With a Mysterious, Russian-Controlled Cyprus Bank" in DC Report, Feb 25, 2017

"The Curious World of Donald Trump’s Private Russian Connections" in The American Interest, December 19, 2016. | PDF


MSNBC interview with Chris Hayes about Felix Sater, March 16, 2018

AP interview about Cyprus, October 31, 2017

TRNN interview on the Mueller investigation, October 30, 2017

WBAI interview on Trump and Russia, October 18, 2017

BBC Interview about Trump and Russia, May 19, 2017

WBUR interview with Tom Ashbrook about Trump and Russian, March 20, 2017

"The Dubious Friends of Donald Trump" Documentary (2017). Part 1: The Russians | Part 2: King of Diamonds | Part 3: The Billion Dollar Fraud


The Global Remittance Cartel

"Let’s Make the Vatican Bank a Bank" (with Laurence J. Kotlikoff) in The American Interest, October 2, 2015


Representation Without Taxation

Ralph Nader Radio Hour interview on "Representation without taxation," November 11, 2017